Bert & Fred

8 years, 5 months, 4 weeks, 2 days

He is Bert. She is Fred. Together they are Bert & Fred. Logical. Bert & Fred live together, work together, play together. Preferably with freshly sharpened kitchen knives, mousetraps and darts. It may not be safe but it is certainly exciting! 


Bert & Fred push it to the limit – together, they create spectacular, funny and dangerous circus.


It’s about love and friendship. 

It’s about risks and blind trust. 

It's about giving everything and not looking back. 

It’s about... Bert & Fred.

With support of the Flemish government (BE),

Coproduction: Theater op de Markt (BE), Humorologie (BE)
Partners: Circuscentrum (BE), Centre International des Arts en Mouvement (FR), Espace Catastrophe (BE), Destelheide (BE), PIste 05 (BE), Ell Circo d’ell Fuego (BE), Le Prato (FR)



Photos HD

Technical rider


  • 10+

  • 80 min, indoor

  • set-up: 7h

  • breakdown: 1h30


Artists: Bert Loenders, Fréderique Snoeks

Technicians: Lorelinde Hoet, Bregt Janssens, Klaas Trekker, Bob Wouters

Regard extérieur: Bram Dobbelaere

Music: Lars Senders

Light creation: David Carney

Costumes: Joke Van de Casteele & Leen Bogaerts

Photos: Jonah Samyn
Video: Stijn Grupping