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60 degrees of separation

Camille Paycha



6 degrees of separation is the name of the theory which says that you are 6 handshakes away from anyone in the world.

60 degrees of separation is approximately the angle needed for Camille to be lifted off the ground if she has one hand in the aerial straps and one hand pulled by someone else's hand.


Camille tries with this project to shift literally and figuratively the verticality of her aerial craft to a more collaborative and transversal way of dealing with her surroundings.In continuous discussion with her circus discipline, Camille Paycha experiments with circus as a practice, flying, hanging and spinning around humour, violence, objects, bodies, morality, immorality and all their intersections.


by Camille Paycha

with Camille Paycha and alternatively Sofie Velghe or Ruben Mardulier

help with mouvement research Ruben Mardulier

dramaturgy Laura Gilles-Pic

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